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This price list should be used as an estimate only.

Final price will be determined by the Toll Processing Manager.


Miscellaneous Extras


Sample Charge

$30.00 each



Regular Oil

add $ .10 cwt


add $ .15 cwt


    Packaging Charges

Paper wrapping


Lexington Paper

add $ .15 cwt

Customer Paper

add $ .10 cwt


$ .10

1/2" Fiber Cores

$25.00 per Master Coil

Skidding Slit Steel


Greater than 4,000 lbs


Less than 4,000 lbs

add $ .30 cwt or $25 flat charge


Material Inspection

For Leveling

$300 per hour

For Slitting

$400 per hour


Note: These charges will be applied from the time a customer is

notified of a problem which stops a run until Lexington implements

the customer's decision.


Secondary Material

    Secondary material may carry an additional charge depending on the

problems encountered in running an order. (line stops, reduced speeds,

etc.)  When inspection is required $400 per hour.


Set Up Charge

    Minimum charge when set up is made and material is not run due to

customer request (Rejects, etc.). $300 per Set Up.


Restocked Material

Charge per coil $50



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